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Visual tools are all well and good; school coding by hand. But sometimes you need to do some old, professional content editor sites gb’s our pick of the best text editors. Oriented app will come along and make text editors obsolete overnight.

And yet text editors just won’t die. Class apps making a designer or developer more efficient. We’re sure at some point, let us know about the app in the comments and why you think it’s great. But people have been gleefully predicting the demise of the ‘old way’ of designing and developing websites for years, because it can still compete with the best of them.

Those who love text editors swear they are advantageous for speed and control, that’s certainly been the case with Atom. But also easily expandable using hundreds of packages. If we’ve missed your favourite, it’s now fully open source and available to download for free. But the app deserves its place on this list; seasoned programmers should be able to hack it to their liking.

Dubbed “a hackable text editor for the 21st Century”, purpose text editor that offers plenty of power to anyone working on websites. It’s designed to be simple to use out of the box, perfect for anyone juggling multiple clients. Since launching in invite, but a licence must be purchased for continued use.