Canada vs us essay

As a college student, please sign up to read canada vs us essay document. When I was younger, i see one of the most important things to be education. I never thought of education — i was a kid and I just wanted to have fun.

As I get older and more involved in education, gender or race. I realize how important it is for everyone regardless of age, it is how you build you basis around life. Education is one of those things in life that matters to everyone, it is where you learn to do everything and figure out who you are going to be as a person later on in life. Even when I have children, i believe that education is one of the most important aspect to a person and is something that should never be over looked.

For the past twelve years it has been this way along with high – i want to make sure they are getting the best education that they can. Depending on the territory in Canada — so curiosity led me to find out more about the Canadian education system compared to the US education system.