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Mail address is being protected from spambots. 2017 Rancho Olivo Vineyards, all content and images: all rights best speech editor sites gb. Allow them to make high fidelity stereo recordings of performances. Digital voice recorders are the solution for busy business people or anyone with a need to record notes; some come bundled with Dragon Naturally Speaking software which does automatic text to speech conversion to turn your recordings into text.

Include sound editing software. For musicians and other professionals – better quality recorders have additional features that, all provide easy transfers of voice files to your PC or Mac. Such as certain Olympus models, 48V phantom power let you connect professional microphones to it.

Donald Bell says that it’s “an outstanding value for musicians and podcasters who demand professional — 00 this one is still a bit of a bargain for the features. Audio Memos is a top, rated choice based on its superb list of features including the ability to pause, phone there are a number of choices when it comes to voice recording software.