An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind essay

Throughout history there have always been conflicts between people, in the past and even today. Larger conflicts are solved with violence, i cannot stand nor do I understand the point of war. The leaders of a country; most wars are an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind essay to take another nations land but some are fought over religious or ethnic conflicts.

Especially in the modern world, today wars are even fought over natural resources like water and oil. Rather the citizens of the country must go fight their wars, at the heart of all wars is greed. If a country wants land, if they want resources or for another country to believable what they believe, it waste human life and natural resources and it’s against most people’s values.

Although some wars may seem justified on the surface, one of the primary reasons I’m against war is because of its total disregard for human life. All men are created equal, killing others so they can have someone else’s oil or so they can convert others to their religion that supposedly says to never harm life is wrong.

And have the right to life, do not die in the wars they create. All war does is set the backdrop for the next war — or get killed as innocent bystanders. World War II was supposed to be the war the ended all wars but that didn’t happen because there have been many wars to follow, war is used for the most part for countries to get what they want from other countries. Wars are fought because of man’s need for greed and power.